Rural Fire Truck

“Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more.”
– Louis L’Amour

Rural Fire Truck

16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas

I have really been struggling with this painting.  I am not used to painting so large and when I mess up, I mess up BIG!  It’s the sky.  I have repainted it 3 times and I’m not sure about it this time either.  I would love to hear your thoughts on it.  No really… I can take it!  🙂

I set it into a frame to see if it would help.  It’s not actually framed or even signed yet.

About Louis L’Amour

Louis L’Amour, the author known for his pulp westerns, wrote more than 100 novels in his lifetime. Born in North Dakota in 1908 as Louis LaMoore, he worked across the southwestern U.S. on a string of backbreaking jobs including longshoreman, elephant handler, and cattle skinner. He saw his writing as akin to telling tales by a campfire and wanted to be remembered simply as a good storyteller. He won the Medal of Freedom in 1984 and died in 1988.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. conveyancing
    Jul 30, 2010 @ 14:16:54

    I usually don?t post in Blogs but your weblog forced me to, awesome stuff… lovely


  2. lesliepaints
    Jul 28, 2010 @ 18:44:06

    What’s wrong with your sky? I like how all streamers of clouds lead to the TRUCK, by the way. How can you miss that big red fire truck? As I looked at it, I could imagine the kids who want to grow up and be firemen and how luscious they would think this painting is with that truck and the fireman perched inside. Whimsical, colorful and completely “cool”. Good for you, painting outside the box. I have been painting larger now also. 12 x 16 was my norm. Now I am trying 14 x 20 and 15 x 22. I know the feeling. Seems like a lot of paint, doesn’t it?


    • Beth Parker
      Jul 29, 2010 @ 04:02:44

      Thanks, Leslie! I guess is the absence of any black lines in the sky that’s throwing me. It was totally different before I messed it up. Oh well. The truck belongs to a local rural fire department and I just thought it was a cool truck. It still has a working wooden ladder, although they are not planning to use it. It’s a 1968 International. I added the fireman later. 🙂

      Yes, it seems like a lot more paint in this size. A lot more time is what I noticed.


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