A weed is but an unloved flower

I saw this quote this morning and I fell in love with it.

A weed is but an unloved flower.–Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Through actively loving one another we nurture the richness of everyone’s fuller expression. With no more than a nod of attention we can elicit a smile or perhaps a commitment to attempt again a challenge that defeated us earlier. None of us shines as brightly, moves as swiftly, or succeeds as easily as when someone special is rooting in our corner.We each need someone special, and let’s not forget that we are someone special to another who is walking our path. The loneliness of a day is diminished when we feel the love of someone near or far. The dread of any task is lessened when we bask in the knowledge that we are special to someone. Like roses, we bloom while under the gaze of loving eyes.
Let’s remember to nurture the rose within the friends and strangers who are walking our way today.

by Karen Casey