Bookmark 4 – Watercolor & Sharpie

“Today I am focusing on all the goodness in life,
all the blessings I have been given and all the richness
of all the friends I have, and I feel great joy.
Everything you think, you feel; and all that you feel
manifests to create the conditions of your life.”


Copyright Beth Parker Art 2012

I LOVE that quote!!

Bookmark 4 – Watercolor & Sharpie

You can see the shadows a little better in this one.  That’s what I think makes them fun… the depth and shadows.  Oh, and the pen “stitching”.  🙂

Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, created by Ramtha the Enlightened One, is an academy of the mind that offers retreats and workshops to people of all ages and cultures.

Using ancient wisdom and the latest discoveries in neuroscience and quantum physics, RSE teaches students how to access the extraordinary abilities of the brain to “Become a Remarkable Life®.” RSE facilitates live events and streaming over the Internet in many languages.

JZ Knight began publically channeling Ramtha in 1979. RSE was established in 1988 in Yelm, Washington. More than 100,000 people from around the world have attended Ramtha’s events.

RSE’s unique, innovative approach combines many threads of contemporary scientific research to support the principle that God lives within each of us. The message that you are divine means that you have a direct experience with God, a direct channel. You do not need priests or missionaries to intervene on your behalf to deter you from a direct communion with God.

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So This Is Where Pink Sweaters Come From

“Make me strong in spirit,
courageous in action,
gentle at heart.
Help me act in wisdom,
conquer fear and doubt,
discover the hidden gifts within me,
meet others with compassion,
be a source of healing energy,
and greet each day with Hope and Joy.”

–Kana Tyler

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2012

So This Is Where Pink Sweaters Come From – 8″ x 10″ Watercolor and .01 Prismacolor fine art pen

Gail(Ruby Red Dog) at WetCanvas had the best sheep photo to paint from over the weekend!  They each seemed to have their own personality and I had a great time painting them.   Oh… my WordPress blog is letting me add links and tags again!  Yay!!!

About Kana

Kana writes the best blog!  I love reading it every time it pops into my inbox.  Here is what it says on her about page.

 When faced with a fill-in-the-blank statement of “I am a _____”… What’s YOUR answer?

 I am… a writer, an explorer, a coffee-drinker, a recovering addict, a barefoot linguist, a book-dragon (“bookworm” doesn’t cover it), a raconteur, a minister, a sailboat skipper, a research diver, a tattooed scholar, a pirate, a poet, a spiritual adventurer, a photographer, a cartographer, a joyful wife, a mom (and Granny), an island-girl at heart… A list-maker! 🙂

 And pleased to meet you! 🙂 Kana

Ralph Faded Into the Forest – Illustration Friday

“I celebrate all of me today!
Weaknesses and strengths alike!
I celebrate every part of me

-Ruth Fishel

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2012

Ralph Faded Into the Forest – Illustration Friday – 5.5″ x 5″ Watercolor and Prismacolor .01 fine artist pen

Ralph, in his infinite frog wisdom, discovered that if he climbed into the tree and held perfectly still, he faded perfectly into the background, keeping him safe from 5 year old boys.  We all know little boys love taking frogs home and putting them in the bathtub.  Ralph liked the forest better than any bathtub.

Illustration Friday:  (WordPress is still not letting me imbed links or do tags!)

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  I had a whole 3 days off!  I am rested, relaxed and happy.  🙂

Ruth Fishel, is a therapist, retreat and workshop leader, and author of several books, including “Precious Solitude,” “The Journey Within, A Spiritual Path to Recovery,” a pioneer book on meditation, spirituality, and recovery, and the best-selling “Time for Joy.” She also teaches “Stop! Do You Know You’re Breathing?” a program she developed for teachers and health care workers. She now co-directs Spirithaven, Inc., which she co-founded in 1989.

Spirit Haven, Inc can be found here…

Bookmark 3 – Watercolor, Inktense and Sharpie

“Smiling is infectious; you can catch it like the flu. Someone smiled at me today, and I started smiling too.”
Author Unknown

Good one!  It has already happened to me today.  I smiled at someone and they smiled back!  Love it!

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2012

Bookmark 3 – Watercolor, Inktense and Sharpie

This is the darkest of the bookmarks.  To lighten it up some, I added the little white dots and x-s with white gouache.  I think it helped.  Did I tell you that these 5 little bookmarks are going to be someone’s Christmas gifts?  Talk about planning ahead.  I was asked to do 5 of them and the person I did them for is going to give them to her girlfriends in a book  (like I gave to her).  Nice!

I looked up “Author Unknown” on the internet and I found a site called, dedicated to the betterment of humanity.  They have a bunch of quotes by Author Unknown.   Since WordPress is still acting up…. here’s the link  I tried to imbed the link and the whole post went blank.   Maybe my WordPress blog needs a 3 day weekend!

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend.  I’d like to give a huge thanks to the brave men and women serving in our armed forces, as well!  THANKS!

Bookmark 2 – Watercolor, Inktense and Sharpie

“Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is.”
– Aleksei Peshkov

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2012

Bookmark 2 – Watercolor, Inktense and Sharpie

So much fun!  I used a green sharpie to do the mesh in the background.  I put shadows behind everything to give it some depth, but it doesn’t show up well in the scan.  Only 2 more work days until a 3 day weekend!  Yay!  I haven’t taken many days off this month.  I’m not sure I’m going to know how to act.  😀

WordPress tags still not working!   grrrrrrrrr

About Aleksei Peshkov

Russian social realist author Aleksei Peshkov, known as Maxim Gorky, was so esteemed that his birthplace, Nizhny Novgorod, was renamed Gorky in his honor. He was born in 1868. His parents died when he was young, and he left his home at age 12. He was arrested in the late 1880’s as a revolutionary. His writing, including his best-known novel, The Mother, portrayed a decadent society and immense poverty. He became disillusioned after the Russian Revolution, feeling Lenin’s Communism was little better. He died in 1936.

Paddle Boat 6″ x 8″ Watercolor and Prismacolor Pen

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”
– Alexander Graham Bell

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2012

Paddle Boat 6″ x 8″ Watercolor and Prismacolor Pen

I painted this from a photo by mbeckett at WetCanvas.  I used a .01 Prismacolor Fine Liner to do the lines.  It was way too small to use a sharpie.

I worked on this the last couple mornings before work.  Coffee and art.  Ahhhhhhh!  Nothing better to start my day!

WordPress still won’t let me add tags.  I do have my visual editor back.  If anybody has a fix, can you let me know?

About Alexander Graham Bell

Scottish-Canadian inventor Alexander Graham Bell is credited with inventing the telephone; he also invented the metal detector, which he created hurriedly in an attempt to find the bullet that killed President James Garfield. He was born in 1847 in Edinburgh. He began as an elocutionist but began learning about acoustics to find a way to help his deaf mother. Other inventions include the telegraph and the phonograph. He also developed techniques to teach speech to the deaf. He died in 1922.

Finish Line is In Sight!

“A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work.”
– John Lubbock

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2012

Finish Line is In Sight! – 4″ x 6″ Watercolor and Sharpie

Once the girls had the finish line in sight, there was no stopping them!  Flying is clearly against the rules, so they were hoofing it around the track as fast as they could.  The instant replay tapes are still being viewed, to see who actually won by a beak.  I did this for where the word is “sight”.

The photo I painted this from was by Mike Beckett at WetCanvas.

My WordPress blog is still not operating correctly.  The visual editor seems to be missing.  I can’t add tags or categories.  What a pain.

About John Lubbock

John Lubbock, the multifaceted British banker, statesman, and scientist, was responsible for the institution of England’s monthly Bank Holidays, sometimes referred to as St. Lubbock Days. He was born in 1834 in England. Growing up, he learned science from his father’s friend Charles Darwin. He coined the terms Paleolithic and Neolithic to denote the different Stone Ages, and he wrote the well-regarded books Prehistoric Times and Ants, Bees, and Wasps. He died in 1913.


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