Idaho to Washington for Two

“May everyone have the food they need, the happiness they seek, and may they attain relief from the suffering of a dissatisfied mind.”
–Sasha T. Loring

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Idaho to Washington for Two – 6″ x 7.5″ Watercolor & Sharpie
This is my little sister and her husband, packed up and ready to leave Blackfoot, Idaho, where we had gathered to spend time with my mom and brother in August.   They rode their Harley trike from Oak Harbor, WA to Idaho and back.  They love spending time on their Harley and it’s keeping them young.  My brother-in-law is covered in tattoos, but I didn’t know how to paint the those.  🙂
Sasha Loring, M.Ed., LCSW has taught meditation for over 30 years, and has created mindfulness programs for Duke Integrative Medicine including co-creating the Mindfulness Training for Professionals Program and the Changing from Within mindful eating program.  She created the Wisdom Path for Changing Your Relationship with Food, and is co-author of The Mindfulness Manual for Bariatric Surgery (a program that has been taught through eMindful internet education).  She has also developed programs for and taught at Duke Diet and Fitness Center.  She has been interviewed for the Wall Street Journal, Body and Soul Magazine, and for the eMindful internet education website.
Sasha Loring has led many mindfulness retreats and workshops on topics such as Mindful Eating, The Healing Power of Mindfulness, Mindfulness and Compassion, and Mindfulness and Stress Reduction.  Use the contact page of this website if you are interested in discussing a workshop presentation for your organization.

Metal Mama II – 8″ Metal Art

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Metal Mama II – 8″ Metal Art

Okay, I understand that she is a departure from my usual art, but I had so much fun!  I made her for my little sister. She is made from new stuff and some old treasures I had stashed.

Dona and her husband, John  rode their Harley to Idaho from Oak Harbor, Washington to be with my mom and brother while I was there.  This little gift didn’t take up too much room in her small pack.  I made one for my mom, too.  I’ll show you that one tomorrow.  🙂

About Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the multitalented and prolific German author and scientist, is best known for the play Faust, which has been adapted into operas, films, and novels. He was born in 1749 in Frankfurt. An unhappy love affair inspired his first play; his similarly themed novel, The Sorrows of Young Werther, created the prototype of the romantic hero. He also invented the color wheel concept of light and made important discoveries in plant and human biology. He died in 1832.

Travel Moose Postcard

“Remember there are no mistakes, only lessons.  Love yourself, trust your choices, and everything is possible.”
–Cheri Carter-Scott

Travel Moose Postcard – 4″ x 6″ Watercolor and Sharpie

Okay, I’ll fess up.  I did this one before I actually got to Idaho.  It was a travel moose.  I needed something that was portable and a little fun.  I have been noticing artists doing zentangles lately and thought I’d try my hand at it…  in a fashion.  All the watercolor came first, then a fine Sharpie was used to do the zentangle work.  The only ones I have ever seen were just black and white.  Did I do it right?

I didn’t really get to paint until half way through my vacation.  The first half was all about spending time with family.  I can’t tell you how long it’s been since my brother, sister, mother and I were all together at once.  I think it had to be in the 80’s.  I saw all of them in 2009, but not together.  I was lucky enough to travel to Oak Harbor, Washington and Blackfoot, Idaho that fall, to spend time with them.  The last time my brother and sister and I were together, was when my dad passed away, over seven years ago.

My little sis is going to retire on Wednesday the 31st.  I am so happy for her.  My hubby retired on August 31st, too….. 10 years ago.    Me?  Oh no…. not ready to retire yet.  🙂

Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D

New York Times #1 Best Selling author Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. has been coaching change successfully since 1974. Dr. Carter-Scott is an international author, entrepreneur, consultant, lecturer, teacher/trainer, talk-show host, and seminar leader. Her company, Motivation Management Service Institute, Inc. (MMS), has reached millions of people worldwide. Dr. Carter-Scotts Fortune 500 corporate clients include: AMI, FMC, American Express, IBM, GTE, State Farm Insurance, AMI, SGI, Burger King, and Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.

Father and Son

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.”
– Kurt Vonnegut

Father and Son

4″ x 6″ Watercolor Postcard

I never said I was a portrait artist.   (I’m not even pretending to be.)  This is actually pretty awful, but in the spirit of fun and family, I decided to post it.

My niece, Chelsi, is an amazing photographer.  She posted some wonderful photographs of her little family’s trip to a Washington pumpkin farm, on her Facebook wall.  I got her permission to paint anything I wanted from those photos.  I hope she’ll forgive me for what I did to her husband and son.  😀

I promise, Chelsi….. better paintings to come.  he he he

About Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut, the acerbic American author, rose to fame with the novel Slaughterhouse-Five, loosely based on his experiences as a prisoner of war during the World War II bombing of Dresden. He was born in 1922 in Indianapolis. His fiction, a blend of science fiction and satire, became hugely successful in the 1960’s. Three of his seven children are his sister’s, adopted after her husband died in a train wreck and she died of cancer a day later. He lived in New York until his death in 2007.

Pumpkin Hill – November 18, 2009

“No one can really pull you up very high — you lose your grip on the rope. But on your own two feet you can climb mountains.”

– Louis Brandeis

I just got back from Washington last night. It was the BEST trip!!

I really loved my Don Tiller workshop! These photos are from the first day. We laid our blank canvases on the floor and Don drew a chalk line through them. Our plan was to make a connection series. We weren’t sitting next to the people next to us in the series, so not all of it worked as a connection, but every bit of it worked as a learning experience. Mine is 4th from the left. It’s a 9″ x 12″ panel, but it is teeny, between the larger ones.

Pumpkin Hill
9″ x 12″ Golden Fluid Acrylic
on Ampersand Gessobord

The humble beginnings. This was just so much fun. I was so impressed with Don Tiller. He was a great teacher and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have studied with him. (Oh yeah…. I am his number one fan! **big grin**)


About Louis Brandeis

American judge Louis Brandeis was the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice, and one of the most influential Justices in the history of the Court. He was born in Kentucky in 1856 to Czech-born parents. He graduated from high school at age 14 and later became head of his class at Harvard Law School. As a Justice, many of his decisions created greater protections for individual rights of privacy and free speech. He died in 1941. Brandeis University was named in his honor.

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