I really want to know….


“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
– Andy Warhol


Copyright Beth Parker Art 2013

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2013

Eufaula Postcard Possibility


Seriously… I’d love to know if this works.  I am playing with the idea of my art layered with actual photographs.  Tomorrow, I’ll show you another one.  I’m thinking the bright colored one here, with a sailing photo behind it.


I am officially a short timer.  I leave for my Idaho trip on Thursday.  I thought I might be goofing off a little this week, but my sign shop customers had a different idea.  It was crazy in here yesterday.  I’ll certainly be ready for a rest.  🙂


About Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol, the American pop artist, is probably best known for his silk screens of Campbell Soup and Marilyn Monroe. He was born as Andrew Warhola in Pittsburgh in 1928. His style borrowed from comic books and advertising; he wanted to remove the separation between commercial and fine art. His studio, the Factory, became a hub for the New York art scene. He was also a prolific filmmaker. He was shot three times in the chest in 1968 and narrowly escaped death. He died in 1987.

Main & Foley Going North – My 1000th WordPress Blog Post

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”
– Sir Winston Churchill

Main - Foley North Painting 72 res

Main & Foley Going North – 8″ x 10″ Watercolor

This is another Eufaula painting.  That building with the dome is the Foley Building.   It originally housed State National Bank, now known as The Bank of Eufaula.  This bank is now in the low brick building you see on the lower right area of the painting.  The Sorbe building is the one in the lower left.  It was built in 1895 and is the oldest building in the business district.  Empire Finance is currently operating there.  I am leaving the business names off of these Main Street paintings on purpose.  In my 20.5 years in the sign business, I have changed many of them a number of times.  I’d like to memorialize the buildings themselves, in stead of the businesses.  🙂

This is my 1000th WordPress Post!  Oh my!  Almost every one has a painting, too!  Isn’t that amazing?    Where did all that time go?

About Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill was an extraordinary British prime minister; he laid the groundwork for welfare in England, helped set the boundaries in the Middle East, became a symbol of the resistance against the Nazis in Europe, and was a central force in the Allied victory in World War II. He was born in 1874 near Oxford. He was known for his courage, his stubbornness, and his powerful personality. He was also an accomplished painter and writer. He died in 1965.

Eufaula, OK – Main and Foley

“You will not find poetry anywhere unless you bring some of it with you.”
– Joseph Joubert

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2012

Eufaula, OK – Main and Foley – 8″ x 10″ Watercolor & Ink

This painting is being donated to the Eufaula Area Chamber of Commerce for their Community Dinner/Dance silent auction on December 8th.   I fell in love with this painting and I’m the artist, so I hope it’ll be a hit at the auction.

About Joseph Joubert

French essayist Joseph Joubert became famous after his death when his friend, the renowned author Chateaubriand, gathered a selection of essays into the book Collected Thoughts of Mr. Joubert. Joubert was born in 1754 in Périgord. He attended and then taught at a religious college in Toulouse but left in 1778 for Paris, where he became friends with a number of great thinkers of the time. He wrote copiously on such subjects as ethics, politics, theology, and literature. He died in 1824.

Eufaula 2011 Art Walk Poster – 11″ x 14 Watercolor

“Face your deficiencies and acknowledge them; but do not let them master you. Let them teach you patience, sweetness, insight.”
– Helen Keller

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2012

Eufaula 2011 Art Walk Poster – 11″ x 14 Watercolor

This is the painting that started the sock monkey craze we have going in Eufaula.  See the red building on the far corner, next to the aqua awning?  That’s Steel Daffodils.  I am currently working on the kinda orangy colored building with no awning.  Now it’s gray with black awnings and it’s Our Favorite Place, the new gallery in town.   If you turn left at Steel Daffodils, the next one I’m doing is State Farm, on the right side of the street.   If you turn right at Steel Daffodils, you’ll see my sign shop on the right.  Yes, there will also be a Signs by Beth painting and who knows who else will jump on the bandwagon.    Fun!

About Helen Keller

American author and activist Helen Keller was born in Alabama in 1880; she became blind and deaf after a childhood fever. When Helen was seven, her teacher, Annie Sullivan, coaxed her out of her sullen, angry shell and taught her to communicate. From then on, Keller took on the world. She graduated from Radcliffe, traveled the world visiting sweatshops and speaking out for the powerless, helped to found the ACLU, and wrote 11 books. She died in 1968.