Eufaula – Main & Selmon, going north

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”
– Thomas Jefferson

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2012

Eufaula – Main & Selmon, Going North – 8″ x 10″ Watercolor & Ink

If you turn right here, I’m just down the block on the right.  I love that building on the left.   It now houses Paradise Realty, but it has been many things in my 21 years in Eufaula.   It’s a wonderful old building.  Just in case you’re curious… that building on the right really is pink.  It used to be a soap store and that is when it went pink.  It now has a second hand store in it.   Don’t you just love the clock?  🙂

About Thomas Jefferson

President Thomas Jefferson was a true Renaissance figure: politician, inventor, archaeologist, architect, and more. He was born in Virginia in 1743 and later designed his adult home at Monticello. Many consider him the brightest man ever to inhabit the White House. Jefferson was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence; the Library of Congress was founded from his personal collection. He died on July 4, 1826.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. afternoonartist
    Nov 29, 2012 @ 06:18:02

    You really know how to paint the town. I just love those old buildings and Eufaula. Another delightful painting.


  2. just4crafters
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 09:05:51

    Beautiful painting!!! Love the clock!!! The pink building is just fun 🙂 Sophia


  3. Cindy D
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 08:40:34

    Definitely a great clock and very cool building on the left, especially that stone detail. Love it!


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