A Bethville Version of a Nuneaton Building

“A life of reaction is a life of slavery, intellectually and spiritually. One must fight for a life of action, not reaction.”
Rita Mae Brown

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2012

A Bethville Version of a Nuneaton Building – 3″ x 5″ Watercolor & Ink

As you may have guessed,  this building is black and white in real life.  Old Rock Chick (Lin) from WetCanvas posted the photo in her WDE last weekend.  I do have to admit that I probably have 3 hours in this one.  The lamp post came from another of Lin’s photos.  I love that lamp post!  Lin lives in the UK and they have very ornate architecture there.  So fun to paint!!

About Rita Mae Brown

American author Rita Mae Brown became a pioneer of lesbian-themed fiction with the publication of her first novel, the best-selling Rubyfruit Jungle. She was born in 1944 in Pennsylvania and ultimately settled in Virginia, where most of her novels take place. After she lost a college scholarship due to her political activism, she briefly lived in an abandoned car with a friend and a cat named Baby Jesus. Her many novels include a mystery series “co-written” with her cat, Sneaky Pie.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cindy D.
    Nov 13, 2012 @ 16:40:28

    I can’t argue, that’s a mighty cool lamp post! Super cool building!


  2. Mary Walker
    Nov 13, 2012 @ 13:37:08

    Love your color choices!


  3. just4crafters
    Nov 13, 2012 @ 08:30:47

    Wow, love all those windows!!! The detailing on the side of the building is great. I love the leaning light post too!!! Fantastic!!! ~Sophia


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