Beach Frolicking

“Forgiveness is the economy of the heart.…forgiveness saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, the waste of spirits.”
– Hannah More

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2012

Beach Frolicking – 4″ x 6″ Watercolor on Indian Village Handmade Paper Postcard

I didn’t have a lot of time to paint over the weekend, so I opted for some quick little watercolor postcards.  I spent most of my painting time working on some new acrylic  work in the Bethville series.  I’m really excited.  They are so fun!!  I’ll give you a peek toward the end of the week.

I painted this one from a reference photo by jlloren at WetCanvas.  A beautiful beach sunset courtesy of Joel’s  photographer  friend,  Bobby Wong.

About Hannah More

English writer and philanthropist Hannah More, one of the most influential women of her time, is seen as a proto-feminist because she argued for true education for women. She was born near Bristol in 1745. When her long engagement to a local landowner ended badly, he gave her a yearly stipend in apology, which allowed her the freedom to move to London and write plays. She later shifted to philanthropic work and writing popular religious tracts. She died in 1833.



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