Idaho to Washington for Two

“May everyone have the food they need, the happiness they seek, and may they attain relief from the suffering of a dissatisfied mind.”
–Sasha T. Loring

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2011

Idaho to Washington for Two – 6″ x 7.5″ Watercolor & Sharpie
This is my little sister and her husband, packed up and ready to leave Blackfoot, Idaho, where we had gathered to spend time with my mom and brother in August.   They rode their Harley trike from Oak Harbor, WA to Idaho and back.  They love spending time on their Harley and it’s keeping them young.  My brother-in-law is covered in tattoos, but I didn’t know how to paint the those.  🙂
Sasha Loring, M.Ed., LCSW has taught meditation for over 30 years, and has created mindfulness programs for Duke Integrative Medicine including co-creating the Mindfulness Training for Professionals Program and the Changing from Within mindful eating program.  She created the Wisdom Path for Changing Your Relationship with Food, and is co-author of The Mindfulness Manual for Bariatric Surgery (a program that has been taught through eMindful internet education).  She has also developed programs for and taught at Duke Diet and Fitness Center.  She has been interviewed for the Wall Street Journal, Body and Soul Magazine, and for the eMindful internet education website.
Sasha Loring has led many mindfulness retreats and workshops on topics such as Mindful Eating, The Healing Power of Mindfulness, Mindfulness and Compassion, and Mindfulness and Stress Reduction.  Use the contact page of this website if you are interested in discussing a workshop presentation for your organization.

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