Flamingos everywhere!

“Don’t assume a door is closed; push on it.  Do not assume if it was closed yesterday, that it is closed today.”
— Marian Wright Edelman

Pink Flamingo Watercolor

Yesterday, I was flamingoed!  Yes, it’s true!  Kana Tyler over at Kana’s Notebook  flamingoed me!   Here is her flamingo.

When Kana started blogging, she thought her audience would be only her husband, mom and dad.  When she discovered the joy of community that comes with blogging, she wanted to thank some of us by flamingoing us.   Read her post here and all of this will make more sense.    I have been enjoying Kana’s blog very much, as I do all of you in my blog roll.  I don’t get around to comment as often as I like lately, but I very much appreciate my blog community.

So, consider yourselves flamingoed, too!

Don’t forget that Friday is the day to post your Halloween Challenge post, be it a painting, a drawing, a poem, or whatever makes you happy.   Post on your blog and come back here and give us a link, so we can go see your post.  I can’t wait to see what you do!

My Pink Poppy Flamingo looks like it’s already in costume.  he he  I painted that one in a hotel room,  during a terrible snow storm last February.  Remember?  🙂

Marian Wright Edelman (born June 6, 1939) is an American activist for the rights of children. She is president and founder of the Children’s Defense Fund.

In 1953, her father died when she was 14, urging in his last words, “Don’t let anything get in the way of your education.”

She attended Marlboro Training High School there, and went on to Spelman College and traveled the world on a Merrill scholarship and studied in the Soviet Union as a Lisle fellow. She became involved in the Civil Rights Movement, and after being arrested for her activism, she decided to study law and enrolled at Yale Law School J.D. 1963.    More…

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  1. Alex Zonis
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 09:32:55

    OMG, They are so cute! Love the high heels!


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