Little Houses on the Prairie

“We are made to persist. That’s how we find out who we are.”
– Tobias Wolff

Little Houses on the Prairie – 5″ x 8″ Watercolor & Sharpie

I flew a bit on Sunday morning, so I rewarded myself with a little art time in the afternoon.  The photo I painted this from was by Jakesgram at WetCanvas.  It was fun!

I also painted my painting for the blogger’s Halloween Challenge.  Details can be found here.  We are all posting on October 28th.  YAY!

About Tobias Wolff

American author Tobias Wolff is best known for the memoir A Boy’s Life, about Wolff’s childhood with an itinerant mother and abusive stepfather. He was born in 1945 in Alabama and spent most of his childhood in the Pacific Northwest. His book In Pharaoh’s Army: Memories of the Lost War recounts his experiences as a young soldier in Vietnam. He is an acclaimed writing professor at Stanford University. He has three children.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lesliepaints
    Oct 18, 2011 @ 16:55:13

    I like the simplicity of this scene, Beth. Lately, that is the way I feel about getting a chance to paint, rewarding.
    Your quote is just the “shot in the arm” I needed today, by the way. I like that thought of persistence bringing us something about ourselves.


    • Beth Parker
      Oct 18, 2011 @ 17:13:27

      Thanks, Leslie. I know what you mean. I have been struggling with flying and remembering everything aviation lately, but I have to persist, since the alternative is to quit. I just can’t quit, no matter how hard it is. What would that say about my character? 🙂


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