Peacock Painting

“I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.”
– Lily Tomlin

Peacock Painting – 2.5″ x 3.5″ Watercolor & Dimensional Acrylic

“I’m Patsy the Peacock.  The thing I like best about spring is when they put new blue pebbles on my path.  The sun glistens on them and they just make me happy.  I stumble a lot, but I’m happy.”

This little ATC went to Betty in Plano, TX.

About Lily Tomlin

American comedian Lily Tomlin rose to fame for characters like sassy phone operator Ernestine and devilish five-year-old Edith Ann on the TV show Laugh-In. Born in 1939 in Detroit, she moved to New York after dropping out of a college pre-med track. She won a Tony Award for the hit one-woman show The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, written by her partner, Jane Wagner. She has also appeared in films, including Nashville and All of Me. She lives in California with Wagner.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lesliepaints
    May 09, 2011 @ 08:28:42

    Pretty blue on blue and I like how you subtley showed us where the peacock was. Great quote!


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