Kookaburra – 2.5″ x 3.5″ Watercolor ATC

“The be-all and end-all of life should not be to get rich, but to enrich the world.”
– Bertie Charles Forbes

Kookaburra – 2.5″ x 3.5″ Watercolor ATC

“I’m Kizzie the Kookaburra.  The thing I like best about spring is my new hair braids.  I flew all the way over to Jamaica and they do it on the beach!  I sipped a rum cocktail while they did my hair.”

This ATC went to Bonnie in Regina, SK, Canada.

I saw them doing this in Jamaica, when I was there in the early 80’s.  I’m sure the locals laughed at all the goofy tourists.  On the plane ride home, there were quite an assortment of sunburned, braid-headed girls and women.  I even saw a few brave guys on the plane, with their beaded braids.   I guess what happens in Jamaica doesn’t necessarily stay in Jamaica.  he he   😀

About Bertie Charles Forbes

Bertie Charles Forbes, known as B.C. Forbes, is remembered as the founder of the long-running Forbes magazine, aimed at investors. He was born in 1880 in Scotland. He worked as a reporter for a Dundee newspaper until 1901, when he moved to South Africa and founded a newspaper there; but he stayed just three years before moving to the United States, where he became a financial editor and columnist. His sons Bruce and Malcolm succeeded him as editors-in-chief of Forbes. He died in 1954.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joan T
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 06:55:16

    I thought about having my hair done a few times, but couldn’t stand the thought of sitting there so long, or spending the time taking it out eventually. LOVE the birds!!! The ‘mingos in stilettos are so funny!


  2. lindahalcombfineart
    Apr 09, 2011 @ 16:02:29

    I rate this bird a “10”! LOL…


  3. lesliepaints
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 10:36:38

    I wonderwhat they could do with my short hair? Ha! I have seen them braid practically anything! Love the kookaburra, Beth. His stare makes me grin!


  4. Carol King
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 08:30:07

    hahahahaha! I love that bird. What an attitude.

    I’ve been to many islands where the women (and yes, some men) come home with those beaded braids. Luckily my hair is too short to let them do that to me.


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