Green Birdhouse

“It is only by following your deepest instinct that you can lead a rich life.”
– Katharine Butler Hathaway

Green Birdhouse

Since I missed a day of posting, due to the weather, I thought I’d share another little birdhouse.  The sun is out and it’s supposed to get to 52 today!  YAY!

I drove my pickup home yesterday, without any trouble, and I thought I’d go ahead and drive it today.   I scaled that steep driveway with no problem, just to get stuck at the top on the road.    That F150 just spun on the ice.  I was able to inch it out of the way, so I could walk back down and get the jeep.    By this afternoon, we should be able to get it back down the driveway.  Ah… the adventures of winter.

I am so ready for spring!  😀

About Katharine Butler Hathaway

Katharine Butler Hathaway’s memoir, The Little Locksmith, earned glowing reviews and was a best seller when it was published in 1943, just after the author’s death. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1890. After coming down with spinal tuberculosis at age five, she was strapped to a board for ten years to prevent hunchback, but the arduous treatment didn’t work. She soared despite her body’s limitations, attending Radcliffe, making friends, and buying a house in Maine as a refuge for friends and lovers. She died in 1942.


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  1. lesliepaints
    Feb 12, 2011 @ 14:29:59

    Warmer here, also, but not reaching full potential, they say, due to the mounds of snow cooling the air at the same time. Perhaps that is a good thing as I don’t want my sump pump to be too over-stressed and die on me.

    Either of your birdhouses would look nice in my yard. I so like your color choices of purple for the first one and green the second as they would blend nicely with the green all around.
    I am so missing your landscapes and fine art. I know you have made a transition but am so missing the “fine art”, complete with vision and stunning color!


    • Beth Parker
      Feb 14, 2011 @ 09:12:24

      Thanks, Leslie! I am also missing the fine art. I seem to have so many things on my plate. I haven’t been to WetCanvas to play in months. I have jumped into the licensing thing and have to follow through with the commitment I made to myself, but am hoping to have more play time after I get my pilot’s license. I think I can do that in March. I am so close, I can smell it. Thanks for all your inspiration! The winter scene was breathtaking!! 🙂


      • lesliepaints
        Feb 14, 2011 @ 09:18:39

        The licensing thing? I kind of understand but not fully. This is a way to market images to companies for use on their products? That is why you have to create sheets of images that can be used different ways? I think I understand. It is a way to market some of what you do to create an income from it?

      • Beth Parker
        Feb 14, 2011 @ 10:07:21

        Yes, Leslie. You can license one painting to several manufacturers and receive royalties from each. As I age, I am looking for alternate sources of income, aside from the physical work of the sign shop. I can still do all the lifting, etc., but I am planning for my future and building the licensing business while I can still do both. My own little retirement plan, to follow decades of self employment. Just a girl looking out for her future.

      • lesliepaints
        Feb 14, 2011 @ 10:22:42

        You are very WISE!

      • Beth Parker
        Feb 14, 2011 @ 10:24:22

        Thanks, Leslie! A little sacrifice now, for a brighter future. 😀

  2. Debbie Adams
    Feb 12, 2011 @ 12:22:08

    Getting stuck from time to time is part of the life of living in the snow. I drive a F250 and use the 4wd and don’t have much trouble, but the steep hill to my drive can get me hung up sometimes it the snow and ice has been bad.
    I love this birdhouse, bet the birds would too!


    • Beth Parker
      Feb 12, 2011 @ 13:05:52

      Thanks, Debbie! I did okay with the 4WD Jeep, so all is well. I’m sure I can get the truck back to the house this evening. I am so happy for sunshine and warmer days. 🙂


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