Party Peppers

“If one scheme of happiness fails, human nature turns to another; if the first calculation is wrong, we make a second better.”
– Jane Austen

Party Peppers

5″ x 7″ Watercolor

The fun part about painting peppers in their shine!  Oh, and the way some are red and green at the same time, or yellow and red.  They are just fun to paint.  🙂

About Jane Austen

Jane Austen (1775-1817), the British writer whose sparkling, socially incisive novels remain extremely popular two centuries after her death, is best known for Pride and Prejudice, which she called her “own darling child.” She started writing solely for her own family, and her novels, including Sense and Sensibility and Emma, were initially published anonymously (or “By a Lady”). Nevertheless, she won fame later in life, and she earned the high honor of burial in Winchester Cathedral after her death in 1817 at age 41.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lesliepaints
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 10:35:23

    Of course chili peppers! I like the color you chose for the background on these. Twisty shapes are fun and you rendered them beautifully!


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